March 10

Great!! just fucking great! Bus to drs, no appointment! Got. to. be. fucking. kidding. me. right!?!? I’m going fucking nuts! They didn’t tell me they rescheduled my appointment!! Betsy (my sister) had off work today & came for me,,, but Oh! Oh fucking no!! No it’s for 20th& I’m out of my tree & have been feeling kinda in crisis mode!!! My brains not cooperating ’cause my (recent lack of) meds!! Why?? Home to throat punch a F()¢|<iπ£ wall LOL!!


2 thoughts on “March 10

    • Thank you,,,It’s very upsetting, especially since I feel ‘in crisis’ mode, it happens ~sometimes they need to reschedule (I used to work as a clinical medical assistant) but they can’t make my Dr appear from thin air. I sooo almost went off on them but didn’t, it wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere but possibly dismissed? I’m calmmed somewhat from meds now,,, YAY DRUGS!!


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