March 6

Laughing dancing gonna burn in hell,,,
NO lithium, No lamictal since feb14 – 28th,,,fucking damn insurance ASSHOLES!! (have enough brintellix & extra for a week ish) **can’t even describe how i feel, FUCKING ERs LOOKING pretty ficking good at now! I can’t do this anymore!! can’t take it CAN’T CONCENTRATE my heads spinning, a wave fucking knocked me down & I can’t find the ground!! can just barely enter this, hard as i try,,,can’t function, not enough to sign into FB, WordPress, NOTHING!! not adjust the TV channels,,, everything’s nothing no comfort ~ NOTHING!! I want to but I can’t!! My brains ‘tripping do you know how fucking hard it’s too write this shit ? anxious totally irritated irate!! Some conversations are jarbled like a foreign language words won’t stop ,I can’t understand

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