March 11 2015

I’ve recently (2½ wks) been plagued by [probable lack of lamictal & lithium (INSURANCE SCREW UP!!) & continuance of my antidepressant brintellix] induced ? hypomania ,,, yesterday I went to my Pdoc appointment only to find my appointment was rescheduled ~ this was a regularly scheduled appointment not an ’emergency work in’ (Dr B not in office today) & I was not made aware,,, I’m I in a ‘crisis mode’,,, sooo I was ‘UPSET’?!?! I did NOT go off on staff because it was an error & no one specific person to bitch at,,,AND it’s never happened to me there before. (I’m now rescheduled for next friday). ***My reason for this post/VENT is while I’ve read a lot of mental health patients/clients have reports of their providers being uncaring etc,,, I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have an awesome mental health care team! There are good people ~ Thank you Dr Biever & staff at TeamCare Behavioral Healthcare!! I am lucky,,,


2 thoughts on “March 11 2015

  1. i’ve had similar problems. it’s so hard not to yell at the staff, but really important not to. i used to work in customer service and there’s nothing worse than having someone get angry at you for something you had nothing to do do with.

    i’m glad to hear you have a great team supporting you! let’s hope things improve before the upcoming appointment, or that that will help a lot!

    jeez, insurance issues are the worst! it makes me feel so helpless. last week i had a huge argument between my insurance company, my doctor’s office and my pharmacy. it left me in tears several times. the prescription in question was xanax, so you can imagine the stress of it all.

    hugs to you! 🙂


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