March 14 2015

Anxiety, panic ~ I’m evil, bad, worthless,,, mad & angry & hyper all at the same time, can’t sit still can’t concentrate, I’m scattered, scared, is there a me? There is no world, reality is not real, I am not real ~ I am just a beam of thinking & nobody & nothing is real ~ it’s all my imagination, they are watching me & making these thoughts seem real,,, but there is no real, all a conspiracy all this is a figment, illusion to trick me


7 thoughts on “March 14 2015

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way 😦 I’m not a doctor but it sounds like you may be having a mixed episode. Please don’t be afraid to seek help (((hugs)))


    • Thanks hun,I think it’s a hypomanic episode, I was off my lithium & lamictal from Feb 15-27, insurance issue! (& continued my antidepressant brintellix) that sometimes induces mania (I should’ve played attention to this, in hindsight I knew it could happen for crying out loud,I’m a medical assistant),,i was considering ER visit but I see my (excellent Pdoc this Friday)

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  2. Hope you feel better soon. I know they say using an anti-depressant alone will make you manic if you are Bipolar. Part of my problem now as I just upped my Cymbalta and that throws my mood stabilizer off and I go manic and that is what I want is a mild mania. I can’t stand this severe depression where I want to end it all.

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