March 20 2015

Back from Pdoc appointment, yes I’m hypomanic from lapse of mood stabilizers [I knew it!!] **insurance screw up (back on since early March) & still taking antidepressant, plan is to decrease dose of brintellix to 10mg (antidepressant) for 2 weeks, then bump up to 20mg again. Continue current lithium, lamictal & alprazolam dose. Also re Rxd Trazadone bedtime for sleep,,,and as for now,,, 11:11 out for beer at Q’s (oops did I say &/or do that with my sis)


2 thoughts on “March 20 2015

  1. Insurance can be utterly infuriating. My doc once prescribed something like Abilify (it was toxic for me) but when I went to the pharmacy, the insurance company had decided it was too costly and gave me Risperdal. That stuff did no good for me and made me want to die. I had to call the doctor’s office ranting and they dealt with the insurance company until it went through.
    But yeah…We need these meds to stay functional. Lapses mess that up. But it’s not their problem and we’re not getting well because we’re off the meds.
    Ignorance is mind boggling.

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    • Exactly, the insurance companies are a business to make money, they don’t care about the consumer. I have a great Pdoc & his nurse & helpful office staff. I hope your pharmacy didn’t change your Rx w/o your doctor’s permission ~ as that’s illegal,,,,


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