March 23 2015

I didn’t write yesterday due to ongoing insomnia (2½-3 hrs sleep nightly lately at MOST,,, WTF!?!) MY trazadone isn’t helping @ 50 mg spoke with Dr B’s nurse (Amy) regarding bumping up to 100 mg bedtime (I took100 mg in the past & it helped.) I also have moderate/severe nausea for 2 hrs after my morning meds ~ I hate nausea with a passion (as we all do). I’m hoping, which I think it is, temporary, as it was in the past. My mood seems to be slowly stabilizing some, I’m not as anxious & not feeling as ready to kill. We shall see how quickly my side effects decrease & hopefully my mood continues to stabilize (SOON please),,, although it’s hard, I’m trying to be positive.


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