I’m laughing at myself because hmmm,,, I’m hoping I’m doing this correctly (never did this before & I don’t know how to link a person’s blog/site)

I was nominated for a Liebster award, Thank you Zoe ~ Volatile Stability for nominating me!!!
I have 11 questions to answer:

1. Favorite music or band?:
I listen to hard rock, hair bands, classic rock, & some metal (not extreme) I have to say my favorite band of all time is KISS
2. If could hop on a plane right now, where would I go on a vacation?:
Without question Australia/New Zealand!! My only worry ~ I wouldn’t want to leave, my ass is staying down there!!
3. What’s my favorite food/dish?:
I love fresh veggies, so I’m going to say salad (no olives!!!)
4. If I could be reincarnated what animal would I choose?:
I’ve said this for MANY years, a spoiled indoor kitty-kitty  >^•^< mew! ~ I would be lazy, sleep a lot, nice & comfortable all year long & I'm the 'boss' of the house ~ I OWN my people!
5. My ideal home?:
Hmmm,,, one with walls & doors ~ what!?! I'm a smartass!!  😉 LOL!
6. Last emoticon I used?:
I think a winking smiley face
7. Silliest joke??:
You had to ask me that, I can't think of one right now, but I make a joke out of everything ~ I'm a silly girlie!
8. Name three things that make me happy?:
a)My daughter & grandson, b) summer time ~ sunshine, flip flops, shorty shorts/mini skirts & spaghetti strap tops, c) my sister & me going out to see our local rock band friends/friends & dancing
9. Song that describes my mood right now?:
Can I play with madness (Iron Maiden) my mind is electric right now.
10. A book I'd never give up?:
The Bible
11. Color (s) that bring me peace?:
Pastel blues, green, yellow, lavender.
Again, thank you for the nomination Zoe Volatile Stability!!  🙂


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