APRIL 7 2015

Hmmm,,, it’s cloudy, sprinkling outside ~ but it’s warming up,,, YAY! (I hope). I’m starting not to feel like I’m stuck & sinking in quicksand. I haven’t felt quite ‘right’ since the insurance fuck up with my meds,,, it’s been a month since I got back on track schedule (back on all my Rxs) wise ~ ughhh! I see Dr B next Monday, I’m thinking positive thoughts that my mood will stabilize/even out again by then,,,
On the better side of things, my grandson, Jayden had a pretty cool Easter, he got mostly toys/fun stuff, just 2 pieces of chocolate (bad for the choppers anyway). My daughter Nikki, had to work Easter, so I had Jayden from 3pm until bedtime. They live with me, so i have him after Mommy picks him up from school wed – fri. Nikki, works tues – sun, 2nd shift. My lil’ guy makes me smile when no one else can 🙂
Yesterday Jayden got the (walking) cast off his left leg after 5wks, not a broken bone, he had ‘Severs’ disease (bone spur, pain from accelerated bone growth, etc) he needed heel/leg immobilization & ibuprofen to lessen the pain & inflammation. YAY ~ finally healed, back to the normal running, jumping & horsing around of a almost 7 year old, not that he really stopped anyway. So that’s my last two days, nothing horrible, I’ll just keep looking up (through the clouds) for the sun ~ as long as I got my ‘shades’ on I’ll be ok,,,


9 thoughts on “APRIL 7 2015

  1. Gotta love when the weather changes from hibernation to life! The willow tree has leaves, and they put the fountain back in the retention pond. AAAAAAHHHHH! Spring and SUMMER!!! And you’ve ALWAYS gotta have the shades! I like the Jakie O kind, mah self!

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