4 thoughts on “APRIL 10 2015 LITTLE THINGS

  1. I always tried to impress this on the donor. I asked him why he never took pictures of our daughter and he said, “Take pictures of what? We never do anything worth taking pictures of.”
    Thankfully I’m nothing like that, I took gobs of pictures of all little things that really do mean so much.

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    • The Donor (he doesn’t deserve a name) walked out on us four years ago. He snuck his stuff out and told me things were okay with us…Right up until he called to tell me he wasn’t coming back, he “couldn’t do this anymore”. Turned out he had been seeing this girl he worked with. They promptly shacked up together.
      So yeah, he mislead me, he broke up with a call, and hasn’t made any effort in four years to see his daughter or offer assistance in her care. Sad thing is, I should have known better. He’s got two other kids, who he also left at age 2, and hasn’t supported in years, He sold me on his sob story about the mothers being so evil.
      Yeah, we’re all so evil yet fit to raise the children he can’t be bothered with.
      Meh. My kid deserves better. I don’t miss him at all, he was a phony and a liar, but…When she asks why her daddy doesn’t want to see her…
      I don’t even know what to say because I can’t fathom anyone shunning their own flesh and blood as he has done.

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