APRIL 11 2015

Today is Saturday, my daughter & grandson are off to see the new movie “Home”, then to McDonald’s before she goes to work. A little quiet time to myself. I’ve been bat-shit full of anxiety lately (i feel guilty, i’m evil, ‘my head’s open’, heart & thoughts racing, jumpy, etc) ~ i know my thinking is irrational, but someone please tell my brain?) I’m NOT diggin’ it at all!! This has been happening alot since/because my Rx mix up.My mood is pretty stable ~well, as much as it gets. I need sunshine & warm weather! Could that possibly help? Nah, from past experiences, I don’t think so,,, not much, if any. It’s nice to dream, though. Trying to think positive thoughts ~ pretty soon, it’ll be warm enough to take Jayden to the park, for walks, or just out front with his sidewalk chalk while Nikki’s at work. For now, anxiety/panic ~ please leave me the fuck alone!!

7 thoughts on “APRIL 11 2015

  1. Ghoul and night owl that I am, I find sunshine irritating and painful to my eyes and head. But to my chagrin, warmth and sunshine do seem to impact my mental states (tied into seasonal affective cycles) so don’t entirely discount the benefits of a change in weather. It may not be a cure but it can be a boost and I don’t know about you, but I will take any bit of help I can get. šŸ˜‰

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