APRIL 19 2015

I’m so stuck in quicksand  lately – since this past  1½ ~ish? just Meh,,, sooo anxious/panicky that all, non stop constantly racing mind, etc,,, My energy is just so totally spent, worn out ~> I’m exhausted! Tired of fighting,,, no motivation or drive. Not suicidal or really depressed even. I don’t wanna spiral down to depression, MY depressive episodes are serious, they easily change to constant suicidal thoughts & sometimes actual actions. Paralyzed. By fear? Evil? Impending doom? Stuck? All the above?? More??? Meds are definitely helping, as I’m a TOTAL wreck without them, but clearly not where I should be, where I once was,,, Pdoc appointment may 11. ‘Til then gotta keep my head above water & tread water. There is no rescue line within site,,,


8 thoughts on “APRIL 19 2015

    • Always, I’ve read you mention ‘panxiety’ often, I agree!! Unfortunately most of my life, no kidding, since age 2½+3 I’ve had this feeling almost CONSTANTLY. I can’t take it, it’s sooo emotionally, mentally & physically DRAINING! I definitely feel ya!

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