MAY 19 2015

Well, I figured it ALLLL out ~ we really are CRAZY (not “mental ill”) after all!
EVERYBODY’S HAPPY, SYMPTOMS ABATED! NO SIDE EFFECTS (I know they mention ‘some’, but that’s at the end of the commercials, so, I mean really, they don’t happen ~ RIGHT??)

Medications like Ability, Latuda, Viibryd, Fetzima, Sapharis, Vyvanse, Oleptro, Brintellix, etc ~ they’re wonder drugs ~ the silver bullet! We crazies just make up the adverse side effects/reactions, we just want ATTENTION!! to WALLOW!
So suck it up, fellow buttercups! BIG PHARMA would NEVER, EVER hurt us ~ they DON’T see us as living breathing profit, through dollar-sign sunglasses. Doctors aren’t swayed (most of them anyway ~ there are good doctors out there) by incentives.
***The above rambling was solely sponsored by SARCASM


8 thoughts on “MAY 19 2015

  1. I’ve been reading so many medical thrillers by Robin Cook and Michael Palmer, I’m becoming more convinced big pharma, insurance companies, and the doctors want us to get crazier so they can declare us malingering whiners yet still dish out the newfangled toxins. Then they get together and light cigars with hundred dollars bills earned from toxins. I sound batshit. Well, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.
    A. Nother Dollarsign

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    • Big pharma & insurance companies are all in it for profit for sure! Big pharma is definitely out to get us & they KNOW it’s TOXIC! (example: taking lipitor for cholesterol & developing diabetes = more $$) I may be paranoid, but I believe there is a “Illuminati” (sp?) our gov’t is hiding/causing shit (ISIS etc,,,)

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  2. After years of being “compliant,” now I just say NO to big pharma. Not a perfect solution, but much better than I was. I had to taper off ultra slow though, took me almost a year.

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    • Alaina that’s cool. I myself will (with rare exceptions) only take meds that have been around for some time. I take Lithium, Lamictal, trazadone, alprazolam & Brintellix (newer antidepressant). Newer, less/understudied meds ‘scare’ me

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      • MY mood stabilizer is an old one, Trilofon. I seem to do better with the really old ones. The Cymbalta is new though and they are playing nicely right now.

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