JULY 6 2015



Tired of mind games, especially when it’s my mind playing fucking games on me. Drugs ~ FUCKIN need ’em, don’t want ’em! Can’t win


8 thoughts on “JULY 6 2015

  1. Sorry you’re struggling. Yup our minds betray us. No one wants meds. But for me it’s vitally necessary and I’ve made my peace with that. Just like vitamins and my allergy medicine. The meds aren’t the enemy, our brains are. Good luck xo!

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    • You know it! Lithium/Lamictal unfeeling (I can handle that compared to before) bipolar 2/depressive Sx since 6 yrs old, Brintellix, Meh BAD nausea for hrs after taking, alprazolam helps anxiety/panic but I’m not big on drugs so take totally prn (Rxd up to 4/d) but make me aa duh bunny,,, UGH!!


  2. There’s a line from an old Warrant song (long live hair metal!) that resonates with me way too often. “I’m often silent when I’m screaming inside.” I think it describes bipolar pretty damn well, plus it’s just a really awesome song and I don’t even like ballads.

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    • Love Warrant & YES sexy hair band guys!!! I know that song! ‘Bitter Pill’. Also saw something before > “I love thunderstorms, they remind me that even the sky screams ” totally fits! ❤ ya Chicka!!


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