The Uselessness Of Mindfulness

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

The mixed messages that life sends is enough to make me drink bleach. “You’re the only one putting pressure on yourself, it’s all in your own head.”

Talk to others…“You need to suck it up, life is hard, no one else gets to sit on their ass because they’re tired…”

So which is it, motherfuckers?

Which brings me to an all new rant. This mindfulness/narrative therapy in which the whole point is to let go of the past, be mindful of the present, and not be self critical and negative. This is a fucking winner. NOT. Because what happens in therapy is so NOT the way the world really works. Want proof? I can let go of my past but it keeps biting me on the ass.

Job interviewer: “I see you have this misdemeanor shoplifting charge on your record…That’s going to be a problem.”

I’m living in the…

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