AUGUST 14 2015

‘Cause I can’t seem to find the words to describe the thoughts screaming inside myself  & if I did, could I trust myself to survive them in the DARKNESS THAT TORMENTS MY SOUL???




I shut that side of me off because my demons don’t sleep & sometimes I’m too tired to fight,,, WHEN MY SOUL TURNS BLACK.


16 thoughts on “AUGUST 14 2015

    • Thank you Reb! It’s ongoing I just don’t talk about my demons much, I feel like I’m asking for a self imposed pity party. But you guys, VFs, my bitches make me realize I’m not doing that, I’m finally opening up about my suicide shit, other things. £0¥€ ya Reb Chicka! ;-*

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      • You know we are here for you. You can talk about whatever you need to to help you feel better if that is possible. I know for me talking helps, but it doesn’t work for everybody. Just do what you are comfortable with. Nothing wrong with a pity party either. I have had lots of them. ❤


    • Ohhh,,,, but that FUCKER is slowly killing me,,, I’m chill for now, just feels (ironically like a noose around my neck) or plastic bag over my head, gonna go out front & smoke a cig, blow fuckin’ smoke in its GD face. BRB!

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    For that very reason. Like STFU people. I don’t need your bullshit small talk questions. Fuck. Let’s all ride some razor-winged pegasus’ and get chopping.


    • Yell shhh fire!! I am NOT ok!! Ha that doesn’t work, I really wish I could yell NOOO?!? WTF can you do to change that BITCH?!? NOT a GD THING!!! Thank God I have you guys & you guys get me!! Whew!! I love ya Zoe!!


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