Urgent Update: Save Abby Cat Gofundme

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

Things have changed, drastically, and for the absolute worse. I have had to raise my goal to $700 after rushing Abby in to the emergency clinic. They are keeping her which raises the bill drastically.  This is my gofundme update, please, please, pass this around as much as you can. I am now indebted to a friend and I really have to raise the funds now that the vet has jacked up the bill. I will provide a receipt when I can access the scanner…

URGENT UPDATE: Abby took a turn for the worse today, quite abruptly, when I noticed infection had turned into maggots under her skin. I called every vet in and out of town, all of them wanting payment up front, minimum $200. I was bawling, my kid was bawling, as I tried to explain the goal had been met, I just needed two to four days…

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6 thoughts on “Urgent Update: Save Abby Cat Gofundme

      • Sadly, it makes me crash too, and on occasion, right in time to ruin my Halloweird/trick or treat/costume time. But it’s gonna come whether I like it or not so I find the up side…Assfucks go indoors so my anxiety comes down. Trade off from hell, I know.

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      • I think mine is also related to being ostracized/severely bullied starting school (after being ‘left alone’ & safe) by kids over summer. This started in 1st grade – 10th. This besides my natural propensity for depression/mood disorder,,, SUX,,, never could/can get over it,,, oh well,,, therapy in AM, Pdoc 9/21,,,

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      • I’ve had many epiphanies today to explain my personality/mental “issues” as others see them…None seem all that inexplicable to me, they seem quite logical even if dysfunctional…Unfortunately, my swiss cheese brain can’t produce a single one of them right as all cells are busy worrying about Abby and how she is doing all alone at the vet office all night…
        Damn it, my tear ducts didn’t work for so long, now they won’t stop. Stupid fucking pms.


  1. I understand & feel so bad that kitty girl’s so sick & it seems like the world is kicking the FUCK outta ya when n yer already down without letting ya up for air,,, love ya Sissy! I’m (& Sass & Zoe are all in yer corner & here for ya, remember you got my #if you need,,, hugs


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