You know who you are. ZOE, MORGUE, TESSA, SASS, BLAH,,,
     £0¥€ Y0U GUYS!  <3.  ;-*




14 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER 5 2015

  1. Get on your camelraffe and get here, woman, I am ready for the drunken wake in memory of Abby and Arsenic. Maybe we can raise more money selling camelraffe rides to drunk people mistaking tens for singles and start a discount pet care program. Inevitably these mythical hybrids are also going to need care too but that’s for another day…

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  2. I am gray and that is the closest I will ever get to blond LOL! I got tired of dying my hair. It costs a mint and when I did it myself I got it in my eye. So bye bye dark hair and hello gray and sassy grandma.

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