OCTOBER 4 2015

Where do I start, more paranoia, anxiety, such exhaustion, effort to breathe,,, even feel like WP friends are alienating me, being secretive of me. Thoughts of being dead, NOT suicidal just really (?) subconsciously preoccupied. I’m sooo irritable,,, no concentration,,, trippy, broken reality or questioning reality at times. I really feel like I can’t take this anymore, beyond repair. I’m almost completely numb/flat except irate – you have NOOO idea, extremely flammable/volatile. I’m taking my meds,,,


18 thoughts on “OCTOBER 4 2015

  1. Well, I can assure scumbag paranoid brain that I am not alienating you nor keeping secrets. I know how effective that assurance is, kinda like when I try to convince myself the maintenance men are not spying on me looking for a reason to get me evicted….

    It’s gonna be a looong fall and winter, dude, if our brains are acting up this early on.

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  2. It sucks feeling that way Diane. Sometimes the time you post has a lot to do with how quickly others are able to read your post.

    I wish you less brain hell than what you are currently going through and offer big huge virtual (((((((((hugs))))))))


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