DECEMBER 20 2015

Dear Christopher Robin. Can i tell you sompin? I totally understand your delusions. Fucking Owl is paranoid, Piglet’s got separation anxiety, Roo’s got postpartum psychosis, I’m not real. You got friends (right!?). You can’t hold onto friends or keep them if you’re depressed/anxious, etc,,, Forget that shit cause I’m just fighting to WANNA stay alive! You see, i hate being here, tried lots of ways to get out, won’t be my last i ~ ooh, guarantee that! cause people only wanna be around you if you make them happy/laugh/have fun or make them forget their problems. How can I compete if I can’t do that shit for myself?? For real what the fuck do I do?? Sometimes I’m fucking Tigger raising all kinds of hell ~ and sometimes I’m Eeyore living in the flames of hell! These fuckin people have nooo motherfuckin idea do they Chris?! Well I’ll see ya in the coloring books, K? 


6 thoughts on “DECEMBER 20 2015

  1. We are all medicated to the gills and going under the surface sputtering. Big Pharma pushes their ads for how well all this stuff works, maybe we should all post a PSA to youtube and let people see the flip side when the stuff is an epic fail.
    Then hit ’em with the Stab-0-Matic, complete with a salt shooting function so they too can have salt rubbed into their wounds.

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