JANUARY 1 2016 *****

When I was with you, you lied to me – out of (pretentious) love, you made me tell a lie to myself. You made me lie to me, the demon I really am. I am an ugly soul & for a while, I actually thought I was pretty. I played the part. Fuck, I played it so well, not only did I fool the fools ~ I played your ass solid! But I am not a beautiful nor clean soul. Boney hands, boney fingers, an ugly smile lurk within. You looked into my mirror. You sneaked when I said do not. You stole my trust, the evil I tried to shield you & MYSELF from. Now it’s awful, it’s all gotta be torn to the core. It can not be undone. Can not be made anew. Look if you can, at yourself before you say this isn’t true. The mirror’s still here just SHATTERED, my beautiful sisters are still here n I’m still hideous no matter what you say, you see ~ the mirror lies, my cold soul dies ~ all crashed down forever undone,,,


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