5 Rules To End Bipolar Stigma Once And For All

The Bipolar Compass

Ready. Set. Sail!

Gather ’round tribe. Today good o’l Jess is about to dump some knowledge on you. Wanna be treated better? Wanna feel better about yourself? Wanna make a difference?

Then sit back and grab a nice cold beverage and listen up. Today is the day we fight back. Today is the day we push for our rights. Today is the day to stop with all the bullshit. In honor of Mental Health Month.

Rule Number 1: You have a mental condition

You have a mental illness. A brain disorder. A neural malfunction. Whatever you prefer to call it, news flash, your brain doesn’t work the same as normie brains. Period. It’s not a theory. It’s scientific fact. Stop. Fucking. Apologizing. Unless you are the greatest neurosurgeon that ever walked this earth, you didn’t do this to yourself. You were born with it. And as such, you have no…

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TODAY 46 years ago I escaped captivity from my Momma’s person.  Ummm, ,, in other words ~ it’s my birthday. Hahaha, lol.  Buttt,,, seriously ~ I’m still breathing & on up side of the dirt. *My family’s cool, we rock & love each other’s dysfunctionality

ANYWAY HERE I ARE!  (ya’ll know, even though I’m not”RIGHT” & certainty not OK) *HINT: Te ~ rarded!
   I love most ya!




THIS IS THE BOOM! Birthday present from me, to me. EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS (S/O to Gama, artist at Beautiful Sin Tattoos, Lancaster, PA)


Yep, remember, you saw me here. Oh, if ya get our story right, there’s a little something in it for ya, ,,
*Otherwise I have access to duck/duct tape, a shovel & chloroform.


See whatcha got into being my friend {did you know I’m your friend (stalker?)}

Diane {& to some ~ £0¥€ ya!}

MAY 10, 2016 BOOM! !!

Early birthday present from me ~> to me. I’ve wanted a semi•colon for along time but didn’t want the mainstream ‘cliché’ type.  This made total sense & I added the birdy to signify my freedom for finally escaping my pattern of self harm/destruction. I’m not perfect or even OK,  But I’m NOT FINISHED! !!


MAY 4, 2016. Just imagine the surprising reaction if this commercial showed the same compassion but instead for mental illness Watch “S.E. Perry – Merck TV Commercial “Night # 14 with Shingles”” on YouTube