My post today is to remember Blahpolar (Blah). Her tortured soul left us but now she is free, finally at peace. It hurts me, I’m tearing up as I write this. I wish there was something I could’ve done. Hell we all feel this way, but the truth is there was nothing we or Blah could do. She endured & taken it to the limit & beyond in her suffering (as many of us do)

Even though I never met her in person, she made us feel as though we had. A beautiful soul extinguished too soon. 

The pain she (& we) face daily is often unbearable. People would literally crumble if they traded places for one day.

So as I mourn Blah’s passing, I know she’s tried all she could & she’s now in a better place.She had 2 gazillion friends on Word Press, (well that’s what the dragon said).Blah has finally found her peace.  Rest easy my friend. You will be eternally missed. Good bye Blah. 


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