My name is Diane T. I am 44 years old. I have a daughter Nikki & grandson Jayden. Lancaster, Pa native & lived here all my life. I am a Medical Assistant. I have bipolar ll, PTSD, anxiety/panic disorder,  most likely from 6 yrs old, (at 6 was diagnosed with depression treated temporarily), I was re diagnosed/officially diagnosed at 39 years old with bipolar ll, PTSD & possible BPD after being hospitalized due to an almost successful suicide attempt, & 2 more attempts. I am currently on medicines. Follow up regularly with a great, caring Pdoc & a great psychotherapist. I am currently working/struggling daily to maintain stability.


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  1. Hi. I noticed you have been deleting all of our conversations. Our deal was that you would tell me when I was bothering you. Anyway, half the reason I even started this blog was to make some Bipolar friends. If you read my post on Friends, you would know that I have had a real hard time with losing friends. To be honest with you, I have pretty much closed my inner circle to pretty much family. I don’t let people in too easy. However, I thought we could have a connection because of how similar we are. But just because I want friendships doesn’t mean you do. Hope you are doing well.

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